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Bare minimum shopping list for newborn baby

Hi there!

I was wondering what you guys would consider being the bare minimum shopping list for a newborn. I know should gt things like clothing and diapers, but what about things like a bouncy seat and all? Can't I wait to get those until a little later?


  • I had bare minimum before my son wasn't one. He didn't even have a nursery set. i had a moses basket, crib, pram etc but my friend bought me a bouncy chair as a gift. When he wasn't here I knew then what I needed. 

    We also didn't know gender so had bare minimum neutral clothes. 


  • I think first of all you must buy the most necessary thinks for baby, such as bed, clothes and carriage. All the other things you may buy later.

  • Pay special attention to the bed! I'd say go shop for bed first. 

  • I have used the same bed, Pram, Carrier, and baby clothes through all 3 of my boys, Id say all you need is the essentials, Clothes, diapers, wipes, bottles, etc. I didn't get a bouncer until Louis was 1 and getting more active. And Charlie and Teddy didn't us it until they were about 1 year and a bit. 

    you could probably get a play mat around the age of 4 months, 

    but with all 3 of my children I have used a rocker from day 1 at home and it put all of them to sleep and still does with my 2 year old, so Id recommend that 

    hope this helped xx

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