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Kirstie Allsopp says 'having a washing machine in the kitchen is disgusting’. Do you agree?

Hi everyone,

We've just read about Kirstie Allsopp talking about washing machine's and saying that having one in the kitchen is disgusting. Do you agree with her or not?

Please do come and tell us what you think about Kirstie's comment by posting a reply below - we would love to hear whether you think she's right or wrong. 



  • If your house is big enough for a utility room then great but for the majority of people the kitchen is where it lives. I don't see how it's disgusting when it's straight in and comes out clean? It's no different to mucky children or animals running through the kitchen lol! Just clean it afterwards. Or maybe I'm just disgusting too 😂

  • I dont get whats disgusting about it, as above most people dont have the space to put it else where. Mines actually going into my bathroom as I only have one space for either a dishwasher or washing machine in the kitchen, so I dread to think what she'd make of that!

  • Don't see the big issue personally. 

    Ours isn't in the kitchen but that is just because of how our space is. 

    Plenty of folks have their washing machine in the kitchen (as that's usually where the pipework is put to insert them)  and can't see why it's much different to having a dishwasher.

    She has now tried to claim it wasn't a serious post ...think she just needed some media attention


  • I think I should message her and tell her she needs to get me an extension built so I can have my washer relocated to the (new) utility room. image

  • Haha Phoenix I second that.

    Don't get what Kirsty means!

  • I think it's a really odd thing for someone with her status to come out and say.

    my washing machine is in my kitchen, where else could I have it as I don't have a laundry room? In my front room or conservatory??

    its a shame as I feel she's shaming almost all of the population who can't afford to have a house big enough to have a seperate utility room or laundry room!

  • Hi everyone, in Italy we have washing machines in the bathroom.  I think Christie is right. I would prefer it in the bathroom. 

  • I'd also prefer it in the bathroom but by no means is it disgusting or unsanitary to have it in the kitchen lol

    I have to have mine in the kitchen because we rent but it never dawned on me that people would be so offended by the placement of a machine meant to clean 🤔

  • Me too Mochi, I'm in a rented house too and don't have a lot of say on the layout!

  • I hadn't thought about it until hearing about this.  It does make sense though.  My inlaws in Turkey have their machines in their bathrooms

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