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Would you complain about this children's birthday party?

So would love some other opinions on this please.

We've just had my daughter's 8th birthday party at a pizza restaurant - basically it's a 'make you own pizza' party. When we booked it, there was a brilliant waiter managing another kids party - he was full of life and great fun, telling the kids what to do - it looked great and they were loving it. 

However the woman running my daughter's party was perhaps super shy, really quiet, and it just made the party so drab and boring. She had no oomph or joy, and the party felt really flat and dull as a result. 

I paid £200 for this party and just feel it had no real 'leader' thanks to the woman running it - don't get me wrong, she was a very pleasant woman, nice and polite, but she just treated it like she was waitressing any table, not 'leading' the party. 

I don't want to get the woman in trouble, but it was just so average - what would you do? Feedback and complain or just let it go? 


  • I would complain, if you don't want to do it publicly on Facebook, maybe you could PM or email them? Like you say if the party was lead properly it makes all the different and it's just constructive criticisim. 

  • Yeas,  constructive criticisms is okay.  But why not to sort it out there,  right when it was happening? Or at least go there and talk face to face about the event and then sort the opinion and issue.

    Maybe she was new, pushed into it or didn't have the experience/training. So talking to her and that other guy you have seen there,  at the time of your party would have changed the whole situation.  He could have given her a plan, ideas... Maybe both of them could have lead both of the parties... As I doubt they have both started at the same time,  which means he might have managed well both parties or just consult the woman from your table about how is it really going.

    In my opinion,  you could just leave it/ drop it...  Always could have lead the happy party yourself and at the end just ask for a refund and state what you have expected from the booking/was promised(no idea which one it was)  and what it really was, ordinary not a party...  

  • You know mamaash, looking back i should have just spoken to the manager while i was there, and i did consider it, but i felt like i would be attacking her personally by trying to say to her in a non offensive way 'you can't entertain kids'. 

    She was the manager, so hoping she must have had some expeirence with kids parties before, but who knows? The guy who was originally saw was either not working that day or had since moved on...

    But as you say, we've decided to just leave it and drop it - i'd hate to be responsible for causing someone trouble, even providing constructive criticism, you know?  

  • Exactly :) and after that,  she must have also have her own worrying thought after the party finished. So let's hope she took it in count and will try and improve in for the future.  I know...  It's not the way you have hoped because it did not work right when you needed it,  especially when also paid so much.

    It was a very good decision you've made.  Just proves you are a good person, very thoughtful despite you have been let down. :)

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