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What do you wish you hadn't bought for your baby?


  • There's only 1 thing that in hindsight I thought was a stupid purchase & it makes me laugh... I brought a lovely soft minky changing pad cover with an appliquéd monkey on it... thought it would be nice & soft for baby & looked super cute... 1st nappy change once we got him home & he p****d all over the blummin thing... then I realized how that was a dumb purchase unless I want to be washing it several times a day! 😂... off that went never to be seen again! 😂. 

    How about you?

  • I really wanted to get a posh changing table but you end up using anything and everything anyway. Some of the rustic upcycled ones do look great though!

  • Yeah we did that! 😊. Got a really nice sturdy wooden changing table with shelves & nice shape on the legs from a garage sale for $10 but I didn't like the color of the wood so I got some paints and painted it myself (with the help of a friend so I wasn't breathing in primer fumes!). by the time I brought all the paints it probably wasn't that much cheaper than if I had brought a brand new one but I absolutely love it! It's completely unique 😊

  • a nappy changing bin! never used it once! and cant even sell it on ebay lol! lol x

  • Ewan the sleep sheep. It frightened my baby . His now 13 weeks old . The thing is collecting dust , might try it once more before I find a new home for it.  

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