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What do your children call their grandparents? Who got to choose: kids, you or the grandparents?


We're talking Granny and Grandpa today. Or is it Gran and Grandad? Or Nan and Pops? Or something else completely?

We'd love to know what your children call their grandparents!

And we'd also love to know who got to choose what they call them: did the grandparents in question get to say what they wanted to be called? Or did you decide? Or did your children just come up with a name that's stuck?

Please do tell us, by adding a post to this thread. We know it's different in every family so we can't wait to see what you all come up with!



  • Oh my days, my boys have lots of different grandparents!

    My Grandma, who I call Granny is Great Granny

    My Mum is Granny - its a family thing, all my aunties are referred to as Granny by their grandchildren too

    My Mums partner is Grandad Mick

    My Dad is Gramps - wanted something different and this is what we came up with together :-)

    My Step-mum is Nannie

    My In Laws are Nannie and Grandad Swann

    My Grandad is Grandad Bernard

    My poor kids get so confused!! Lol.

  • My kids call my parents "Nan and Pop". I did ask them first if they had a preference but we all agreed on the same. For my mother inlaw the same. Being in france its "Mamie" which is like nan. So my kids mom

  • I mean my kids call me mom. Lol

  • My in laws are Nain and Taid, Welsh names. Then there's Old Nain, the great grandparent.

    my mum and dad are Gran and Taid, I think my mum would have been a Nan but my nieces and nephew had a nan so she went with Gran. And I have a Grandma, which is still grandma to my children. 

  • My lad calls my side nanny flash and grandad flash and his dads parents nanny max and grandad max. cuz my mom and dad have a cat called flash and others have a dog called max. It's how he managed to make the difference between them ha ha 

  • Im still pregnant but both our parents have chosen what they'd like to be called. My mum and dad will be Grandma and Grandad. My partners parents are divorced and his dad will be Grandad, his mum will be Nanny and his step dad will be Tadci, I think thats how its spelt its welsh for grampy or something (hes from wales). 

  • Emellia has 2 grand father's- granddad & Dats( her Welsh grandad)

    She has 2 grandmothers- Nan& mams 

    1 great grand father- Bampi 

    2 great grandmothers- mamgu and nannie


  • He can't talk yet but in-law's will be 'Grandma' and 'Grandad' and my mum will be 'Nana'. My father has passed away unfortunately otherwise there would be two Granddads!

  • We have gran and papa (my parents) 

    my partners dad is granpa ritchie and his mum is granny grace. they have divorced and their partners are just referred to as their first name.

    my gran died just less than a year ago but my daughter called her 'wee jeanie' . She was always gran to her grandchildren and would never accept another name until great grandchildren came along and they all called her wee Jeanie (this is what we called her to annoy her as we got older and it stuck with the kids lol) 😂

    As for my grandparents when I was younger I had granny and papa (dads side) and mums side was gran (wee Jeanie) and papa Bert. 

    It can get so confusing when their is lots lol!

  • My nan is grandma to my son 

    And his nan is Nanna 

    Grandad is grampie x 

  • My parents are Nan and Grandad and my Nan's are both Nanny to my children. 

    My partners parents are Ganny and Grandad as when our daughter was little she couldn't pronounce Granny so always called her Gaby which has stuck. When my partners Gran was alive she got called Little Ganny as she was only 4ft 5 😁 Xx

  • On my husbands side it's Granny and Bampy. 

    On my side it's Nanny and Grumpy. 

    Great grandparents - husbands side big nanny

    My side Grandad. 

  • Nanna and Gaga  as she can't say Grandpa so she said Gaga one day and has used it since 😃  

  • My parents are Nanny & Grandad (was Nannan & Gandad for ages as she couldn't say it properly)

    My in-laws are Nanny Ang and Paps.

    She has two great-grandparents still alive and they are known as Great-grandma and Great-Nana

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