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Stay-at-home mum or full-time mum? Which do you prefer - and why?


We’ve just been having a bit of chat at MFMHQ about the terms stay-at-home mum or full-time mum.

Some of us have VERY definite views on which term they prefer!

So we thought we’d ask you guys: which term do you prefer? This isn't just a question for those of you who aren't working; it's also for those who work, either full or part-time. We want to hear what everyone thinks!

Please do let us know if you prefer stay-at-home mum or full-time mum by posting a reply to this thread. We'd love to hear what you think and why. 


Cause every stay-at-home mum and full-time mum needs coffee! 


  • I dont really like either of them. I love being a mum to my girls but I think its because so many people where i live use that as there job title- 'full time mummy' even when there children are at school and there able to work (just pure lasiness) Im a full time mum to 2 that are 3 and 4 months but i also work part time around them and my partner who works 50/60 hours a week.  But i wouldnt want to label my self as that because im more then just a full time mum. 

  • I don't like full time mummy just because I work doesn't make me any less of a mummy 

  • Really don't like full time mummy, working doesn't make you a part time mum! 

  • I've never liked "full time mum" for the same reason as most of the ladies above me - surely ALL mothers are full time mums, regardless of whether they also have a separate job.

    Then again, I've never been keen on stay-at-home-mum either. My baby is only 6 months old but I'm not planning to go back to work in the near future. I  I've spent the last few years writing a book and I'm hoping to carry on when we're a bit more settled. But I wouldn't call it "work" because I'm not making any money from it at the moment. I think the term "stay-at-home-mum" simplifies things too much as there are so many different situations mothers (and fathers!) can find themselves in, and I've never been a fan of labelling myself or others.

    That might just be me though. Even when I was working, I hated the question, "What do you do?", as I didnt want to be defined by my job. I guess now I don't want to be defined by my role as a mother, as much as I love being one.

  • Neither... it's unemployed 

    You don't become a 'part time mum' just because you go back to work! Every mum is a a full time mum... you don't switch off from being a mum the moment you leave your kid! 

    People make the decision to go to work or not.

  • Same as what others have said, as soon as you become a mother you're a full time one! Then if you work you work aswell, if not then you're not in employment. 

  • I don't like full time mum. We are all full time mum's regardless of whether we work or not. 

    Stay at home mum is just easier than saying 'I am unemployed to look after the kids'. 

    Stay at home doesn't bother me at all, just means I have temporarily jacked in work to bring up my kids. Which is the dream! 


  • my personal experience- after ba 1 i dreaded going back to work i just hated the thought of leaving my ba to someone else.  I even thought of giving up employment but i also couldn't do that i loved having work it was something that was mine. so i availed of flexible working i worked 3 days a week 26 hours and had the rest of the week with my lo.  After the initial shock of leaving my ba i soon loved my time at work (with adults lol )and the rest of the time for family. 

  • I have 4-month pregnancy already. It will be my first child. I am pretty concerned with what may happen after the birth. I am still working and do not stop it up to the last minute.

    All people around me have convinced me already that I should stay with a baby for, at least, a year. And I consider that true now, though had serious doubts earlier. 

    Motherhood is a sacrifice. It is a service. It is a blessing. 

    Somehow, I can not imagine my beloved baby in the hands of even the best nanny. What about the mother's warmth, milk, caring, smell, and hands?  

    I think a baby feels that on the subconscious level.   Those feelings are forgettable for a baby.  

    So, I will be staying with my baby. If you need argumentation for that, I have been given a lot and can share with each future mom. It is unbeatable! 

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