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What do you want your kids to call you when they’re older? Mummy/Daddy, Mum/Dad or your first names?


It might seem like way off yet, but when your children are all grown up, what do you want them to call you? Would it Mummy/Daddy or Mum/ Dad? Maybe you’d prefer them to call you by your first name? And if that’s the case, at how old would you expect this to happen? 

Do come and let us know by posting a reply to this thread, what you would like to be called by your children when they’re older, and please do tell us, what do you call your own parents?



  • My girls are 8 and 10 and they call me mum I have two 1/2 sisters aged 19 and 17 and they have to call my dad and stepmum mummy and daddy which really sounds strange but that's just me everyone is different 😊

  • That's a really good point about step-parents too Lyc123 - hadn't thought of that! 

  • Our 11 year old calls us mum and dad, I was devasted when he stopped calling me mummy when he was 5. Our middle child still calls us mummy and daddy and she's 5. The youngest is only 6 months so we're yet to see. 

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