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Missed 4 pills

so I had a baby 4 months ago and been on the pill since he was 6 weeks old I forgot to take my pill for 4 days not in a row but every few days I'd forget to take one I'm due to get the coil in a few weeks but I've been having brown spotting today and I had this before I found out I was pregnant with my son 

I'm really hoping it's my period starting and not pregnant has anyone missed this amount of pills and not been pregnant 


  • I guess it matters how much sex you've been having 🙈 and how soon you got those missed pills taken - so if you missed the first pill, did you take within 24hours later? And also, are you due on? Cause this could always be the start of a withdrawal bleed period....

  • No I always thought if u missed a pill leave it And take the next days 😏 I should be on in a few days 🤞

    Move ive not had lots of sex 🙈

  • Oh no!!!! i always thought if you missed a pill, you take it as soon as you remember AND take the next days pill at the right time. Blimey, i'm not sure how both of aren't pregnant as i've missed enough pills in my time! 

    I reckon it is your period coming - got any pregnancy tests to take ? I'd wait a few days and take one just to put your mind at rest. 

  • No I haven't got any 😔 il get some just to be sure I hope I'm not because If I am id have another baby born in April 🙈

  • imageNever been so happy to see a negative pregnancy test 😊

  • OMG this was me 4 weeks ago - i changed pill and din't have a period for 7 weeks - was so happy to get a negative too - hooray - you're NOT pregnant! 

  • Such a relief 

    now to wait for my period can't wait to get the coil on the 5th then i no I'm safe no matter what haha! 

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