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what would you do? Want another baby, but need a career to change to suit my family

hi everyone 

i'm a 33yo mum of two, a 5yo and 4months,  i would love go again for 1 more little bundle and then i'd be happy then with size of my family.  My dilemma is that after working 13 years my company closed down in jan of this year, leaving me unemployed.  To get another job doing what i'm trained to do i would have to travel a min of 1hr coupled with early starts.... i just would never see my kids.  So i want to retrain to find employment closer to home.  Here in lays my dilemma, i'm getting on a bit-age wise so would like to have a baby soon(also i want a closer age gap) but that would delay retraining for another role (retraining will take 4 years), so do i-

a) forget about baby number happy with what i've got go retrain and provided for my family

b) stay an unemployed bum and just go for it hoping that everything with work out

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