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Losing weight

Hey everyone,

Hope this is okay to post on here. My twins turned 5 in May but I have struggled to diet and exercise in order to shift baby weight. Is there anything that others have tried that may help? I would love to drop a dress size but have tried options such as exercising and weight watchers.

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi! I will tell you a few words from the experience of my sister, who had got her twins a couple years ago. She did nothing except intensive moving around and doing home chores. I never saw her caring about her weight in a special way, though she could not fit her dresses for some time. So, I recommend you to trust the nature and be active. Finally(rather shortly), you will drop your dress size. I saw that with my own eyes on my sister. And one more, do not care a lot about a diet, just drink more liquid, preferably, cold green without sugar.  

  • Hello,

    what kof diet did you do? I think it is neccessary to change the whole nuture if you want to loose significant wight after a pregnancy. After my last pregnancy I made a new healthy living. Of Course it is nothing you want to do for  the rest of your live. But maybe it is worth a try. As I did´nt have muche informations about how to Change my nuture in the best way I checked various sites like

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