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Don't know what to do please help

I am in a total mess and can't stop crying my eyes out. I have 3 young children one of which is severely disabled with cerebral palsy , blind, epileptic and fed through a feeding tube. I also have a 6 year old and a newborn baby. My tax credit award has stopped , something to do with me stupidly getting my renewal incorrect ? I dunno I am waiting on the letter. Well basically I have no money until next Monday now which will be my carers allowance and I get dla on Tues. I have no money at all this week, I don't know how I am ment to feed my disabled girl with no electric (She is pump fed overnight) aswell as transport her to therapy... appointments. I don't even no how I am ment to get milk and nappies. My carers went in yesterday but it has all came out on bills because I didn't expect my tax credits to have been stopped. I have to claim all over again sorry I am totally stuck thinking of putting my kids into care or into a hospice . Is there any charitys or funds that can help me? I have nobody to turn to for help. Can't stop crying right now thank you for any replies.


  • Oh Hun hope your Ok! My youngest Son has a brain injury, Epilepsy and is also tube fed so I know the struggle. I know if your on certain benefits you can apply for a crisis loan if you get income support you should be entitled. I know there is a few charities out there that will help but they not a quick process unfortunately 

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