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Back to school photos: come and share yours here!


We know there will be lots of children starting school this week: some for the first time and some going up a year, and we thought you might like to come and share your child’s first day school photos with us.

Please do share your child all dressed up in their uniform (if they wear one) and let us know what year they are starting. And if you fancy letting us know if you’re happy to have them back at school, or were crying at the school gates, please do, by posting a reply to this thread. 


This is a MFM child who started school today, and went in for one whole hour!  


  • imageMy girls went back yesterday year 6 and year 4 last year of primary for my eldest :( they was excited to meet there new teachers :) 

  • Oh Sj83, this time next year it'll be secondary school for your eldest! So exciting! 

  • image

    We are in Scotland so my little poser started primary one on 17th August! And they go in for the full day from day 1. She loves it x

  • Wow MilliesMummyx - that's a while ago! When will her first half term be? Gorgeous pic too! 

  • I know got our dates ready to start looking round the big schools over the next few weeks :) 

  • imageimageMy eldest started year 4 today, normally shes a pain and she been a bit unsure about having a new teacher but she came back with a smile on her face so i would say its a good sign :) 

  • imageimageimage

    My girls started back last months 🙈 the smaller one has just went in full time as she has just started p.1 

    i miss the chaos but enjoying the time with jordanna Danna and I came get my house work done now lol 

  • First half term is mid October, they finish 13th for a week. Scotland usually is earlier than England, we finish in June for the summer! X

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    well can you believe this little 'due in sept 2014' baby is now 3 and starting nursery on Friday?!?

    Amber will be going every day for 3 hours. I am excited for her as I think she will love it but where has my baby gone? X

  • AngWass2, it is so lovely to see your name pop-up and see a MFM baby who is now a toddler! ❤️ She looks pleased as punch! 

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