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My failing open and honest relationship with my teen

I'll be honest I'm not the greatest parent but I've tried to use the opposite tactics my parents used and I'm failing. I'm so frightened that my daughter will lie to me if I'm hard on her that I've been openly honest about my experiences with drugs, and relationships etc etc hoping to gain her trust and have her rely on me should she need to however tonight she decieved me and got way too drunk. Now I fear I've lacked authority and she thinks I'm ok no matter what. It's likely she will experience most of what I did and I'd rather her feel like she can talk to her dad if things go bad than feeling trapped and have to lie but she really let me down tonight. Now I'm stuck as I've lost her trust. What are your opinions please.


  • How old is your daughter? if you have a really good relationship can you explain to her how this situation has made you feel and not only has she let you down but made you very worried for her safety, maybe then she will understand her relationship with her dad is more important that letting you down, I hope this help but unfortunately I'm only 24 and have a 3 year old so I'll have to cross that bridge in about 10 years time, good luck 

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