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Cake smash photo shoot: have you had one?


We were hoping you would come and tell us (and show us) if your child has had cake smash photo shoot? 

We’d love to know if your child enjoyed it, and if you’d recommend a cake smash shoot too? 

Please do share your pictures of your cask smash shoot, by posting a reply to this thread.  We’d love to see them (mmmm cake). 



  • Fantastic pics Michellegixxersmrs - did your daughter know what to do, or did you have to tell her to smash the cake? And did she enjoy eating it? 

  • She hated the icing on the outside wouldn't touch it Danielle 🙈

    We had to show her. normally she don't hesitate taking lol xx

  • imageimageimage

    We did one for D's first birthday & the pics came out lovely so I am very glad we did it! D doesnt like to get messy with his food & didn't know what to do so we had to help him & make a bit of mess for him but it worked! ☺️

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