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Vaccinations what do you think?

so I'm 30 weeks pregnant and iv had the whooping cough vaccine and flu jab vaccine to protect my baby...up until today I haven't questions if I would or wouldn't vaccinate him when it's time for him to have his own injections...a friend has had a baby recently and she hasn't had him vaccinated and has said she won't be doing at all due to them being dangerous and saying that they are controlled by the government and used to dumb us I don't really know what to think, I have had every single vacation going as a kid and I'm fine...but then there was a seriously autistic kid in my year at school and his mum said it was due to vacancies...all I want is what's best for my baby I thought that would mean him getting vaccinations..maybe not? Help what do you think?


  • Hi there. I too have a mum at school who has an autistic son and she blames his vaccinations. Her FB is full of propoganda all about how bad vaccinations are and she will not hear otherwise (even though she has 2 daughters who have been vaccinated and aren't autistic). Thing is, the theory about vaccinations causing autism has totally been disproven - Google it - it isn't true.

    I truly believe vaccinations are good, and necessary, and have had my children vaccinated with MMR and everything else. 

    i'll looking into the HPV vaccine for girls when my daughter is of the age to have that, as it's still a fairly new one and i'd like to research it further. 

    Honestly, give the vaccinations - should your baby not have them and come into contact with something like measels, which is entirely possible, it can be life threatening. 

    I think your friend sounds a bit like a conspiracy theorist with the talk of the Government dumbing us down - trust me, there's enough dumb people already! 

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