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Tickets for Broadway shows

Hello! I heard that it's a season again for "Hamilton" and for this time I really want to watch it live image Can you recommend me a nice online service for buying tickets, I had such an unpleasant experience with staying in lines for other show during last year that I really don't want to repeat it image And what about lottery for the tickets, is its rules the same to the previous ones?


  • Hello! Yeah, it's really a seson for Hamilton now, it's on stage during this and next year so you can just buy tickets in advance for the dates you want. As I know from my own experience with Broadway musicals, it's easier to get a ticket for the later shows, in this case the lines aren't so awful :) There are many online services for buying them too, however almost all of them demand paying fees in addition to the price of the ticket which is usually already high in this case. Personally I can recommend this useful site , I used it not so long ago too and there's no fees for some tickets.
    And lottery is still organized, there are 10 free tickets for it. There's no special rules for it, you can just use this app from this official site , many of my friends used too, however considering that great amount of people for this musical, there's really a very small chance to win the one :(

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