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Travelling with infants - am i allowed to take formula and baby food?

Hi everyone 

I am travelling to Australia very soon and taking my daughter with me who is only 10 months old. I was wondering if you are allowed to take baby formula milk and the jar food on the plane or is this not allowed? I've not travelled for a few years so I don't really know if this has all changed.

Any help would be appreciated thanks 


  • Yes this is allowed in reasonable amounts (or just enough to see you through the flight). I have done international travel several times with my baby and never had any problems. Just keep the formula and food in separate little cooler / lunch bags and when you get to the security screening bit you just tell them that it’s baby food / formula... they will put the food through the scanner and take the milk to do a quick test on it. just take enough to get through the trip as some countries are funny about letting you take certain foods in (once you get to that end) So you might have to bin any leftovers.

    To make life easier on yourself as you’re using formula you could even just measure out the powder into the bottles and then wait until you get through security then buy some bottled water to make up the formula. First couple times I flew with my little guy I had pumped breast milk (about 6 bottles & had no issues taking through) so I couldn’t do that but once he Was a year old I would take formula incase I couldn’t get him Cows milk straight away & would do as I said above re: just taking powder and then buying bottled water to mix it. 

    as he’s  got older (hes 2 now) I’ve also taken little lunchboxes full of proper food for him (sandwiches, crackers, dried fruit, yoghurt dots etc etc) & never had any problems getting through security to board the flight & then any leftover food I just throw out before we get off the plane so I don’t have an issue entering the new country. 

  • Thanks For the reply. I have been told to just order it and collect it from the boots in the airport 

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