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It’s Christmas in less than 7 weeks: have you done anything yet?


Christmas is just under 7 weeks away (48 days!) and we were wondering, have you done anything to prepare for it yet?

Please do let us know if your Christmas is underway, and what you’ve done to prepare so far, or if you’ve not even thought about it yet (like one or two of us in the MFM office!) We’d love to hear what’s happening in your house - do tell us by posting a reply to this thread. 



  • I do the parks vouchers every year to allow me better planning. I am not very good at just putting aside but with the vouchers I manage much better. They come and I am age to do the majority of my shopping. I have bought the girls some clothes and shoes/boots but no toys yet as I don’t have anywhere to keep them this year lol! Can’t believe it’s so soon though x

  • Having only just given birth (29.10.2017) Christmas is furthest from my mind at the moment.

    I think in all probability this years shopping for presents will either be done via the internet, or by roping in my husband, parents, sisters and in laws!

    Of course as time goes by that's not to say I won't be changing my mind, and taking little Monty on his first Christmas shopping expedition.

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