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Handing in notice at a school


Never written on a forum before but seeing if anyone can help me.

I work in a school as a teaching assistant but I am looking for a new job. I have an interview this week (fingers crossed) in an ideal world id like to work until last day of term before Christmas (22nd December) and start my new job the week after Christmas. The question I'm babbling on about is... if I tell school I want to officially leave as of Friday 5th January 2018 will I get paid over the Christmas holidays or will they say my last day of term is officially my last day? I don't want to give my notice on 8th December leaving them only 2 weeks work time to find someone, plus I don't even know if I can use the 2 weeks of Christmas holidays as part of my notice period.

That was a lot of babbling but any help would be grateful. Thank youuu.

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