i wish the sun would come back!

i wish the nice weather would come back!


  • I've not seen much of the weather apart from driving in snow last nite!! haha!!
  • it has snowed here on and off since sunday! weather was lovely before that!
  • Yeah here too (I think)...well from looking out of the window!! Oh I got a funny story about my estate agent the silly people!! They put the for sale sign on the wrong house!!!
  • how on earth did they manage that!have you had much interest yet?
  • good morning!!
    no snow here... just windy! but this morning its lovely blue sky.. :\) it does make you feel better.. however, to be laying by a pool somewhere, sipping a cocktail, soaking up a few rays would be just, just, just...... well..... bloody ace!! sigh lol.. wake up..... lol

    we can dream giries lol :roll:

  • Apparently the person putting the sign up is 'on medication'....No Sign/No Pics = NO interest so I'm not happy!!!!
  • its a night mare trying to sell houses i dred moving again
  • As soon as the pics go on I see no reason why it wouldn't sell....big 3 bed end terrace with a garage...all the rooms are huge including the bathroom!! You could get a bed in there!!
  • I want the sun back aswell, we had snow sunday and yesterday we had really bad storms loads of thunder&lightning and hail stones were MASSIVE thought they were gonna come through my conservatory roof!
    I love the hot weather and sunshine makes me feel happier. . bring on the summer x x x
  • yeah me to sun is good for are bumps too!
  • and you lot laughed at me on Sunday when I said it was snowing here lol Now it's a lovely blue sky day but absolutely bloody freezing - I think I'm gonna stay in my pj's and have a duvet day, god I'm lazy lol
  • me and my little one have not got dressed yet we have been up since 5 am as she has got a cold bless her!
  • Is the sun good for our bumps??
  • yeah it produces some vitamin
  • Oh thats cute. . babies like the sun!
    I have just posted on the chicken pox what i think of all this x
  • i need to go grocery shopping today but i havent even got out of bed yet its too cold outside my little boy off nursery with chicken pox so we having a lazy day im going to have to get motivated soon i suppose! I think that the sun produces vitamin D or something not sure what it does tho but must be good !
  • Its too late to get motivated now!! i find if im not out by 9.30am thats my day gone and i dont bother doing anything then. x
  • So far today I have woken up, had a bowl of cereal, turned my laptop on, turned the tv on and now having another bowl of cereal...not even dressed!!
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