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Is There Anyone Out There?

Hi Everyone.

Having just very recently joined the forum I am somewhat disappointed to see that it is not very active, if any at all.

I'm therefore wondering whether this is a bad time of the year with everyone being/getting busy for Christmas, or if like me having just given birth trying to get used to new routines etc. and not having enough hours in the day to get everything done.

So, like my thread title says "Is There Anyone Out There?" and if so, then please do make yourselves known, even if it is only a couple of lines of text.

In the meantime please do take care and stay safe.



  • Hi Kaylyne, welcome to MadeForMums! And congratulations on your new baby. Did you have a boy or girl, and how many weeks old are they? 

    We have some lovely Baby Clubs if you fancy checking them out, just click the month your baby was born. 

    Do let us know if we can point you in the right direction to any threads, we're here to help! 

  • Hi Danielle.

    Thank you so much for your extremely prompt reply and for your very lovely kind wishes.

    I gave birth to the most adorable baby boy who we've called Monty George on the 29th October 2017, so he's just three weeks old, and who weighed in at 8lb 10ozs.

    I shall certainly be looking into the forum headings that you've suggested very soon indeed.

  • You're so welcome Kaylyne, and congratulations on your baby boy - I have a friend who has a little boy called Monty and he is utterly gorgeous! 

    Do come and check out our October Babies Club - they're genuinelly a lovely bunch of women. 

  • I can't find the september 2017 babies one is there one please?

  • Hi Archiebear, there sure is. You can find it right here. 

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