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I've been spotting for 3 weeks now

Ok 3 weeks ago I started spotting it would stop for a day then start back that happened 3 times but after those 3 times I kept spotting now 3 day now it's like I have my period but it's very light sometimes it's dark sometimes it's watery it's like it's there blood but like watery blood when u see the bck of the pad where the adhesive is the blood looks dark but the top it's watery when I wipe it's watery type once in a blue I might see a tiny blood cloth... I have also been nauseous every day my jaw hurts m I'm getting headaches every night I woke up this morning with one the scent of things makes me nauseous my mouth at times is watery in my second week of spotting I could not stop spitting now it's not as bad I spit once in a while ....... what is wrong with me can someone help😣😣

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