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Where do I begin when looking for a pushchair?

Good morning all.. 

I honestly don't know where to begin when looking for a pushchair? I generally believe buying my house was easier! aha. To make matters a little more interesting I am keeping the gender a surprise so colours are not a huge factor... but could you suggest what factors I should focus on when looking for the one to buy?

Thank you image


  • Things like styles you like. There are so many options out there now it can be overwhelming. Spend time looking online at different styles before walking into a shop. When you have a rough idea what you like visit different baby shops and have a try.

    Whether you want a travel system. Or whether the car seat model is more important than the ‘matching Set’. Most up to date models have adapters to fit big name brands like maxi Cali and cybex. You might prefer to have just a carry cot and buggy if you dont drive. 

    The size of your car boot or whether you will be walking loads. This can impact the size of Oran you will get. Also if your going to be doing city walking vs country walking. 

    Budget can also be a big factor. 

    Generally the one you think you like can quickly change when you get in shop and test it. For my 1st I was blind sited by wanting the best name and prettiest looking. I went for the silver cross elegance sleepover. It was stunning but it was so impractical. It was hige, heavy and hardly used despite being very expensive. 

    Good luck x

  • The lady above has given great advice. 
    I would say, think of these things before you start looking:

    Where do you live? If you're in a flat or have limited space, where will you leave your buggy? In a porch, in the boot or in your home? Cause you can get huge buggies or more 'city' type buggies which will be more compact or smaller (for instance a Bugaboo Bee is a nice compact city buggy, but their other one, the Bugaboo Chameleon is SO much bigger).

    If you need a buggy for getting on and off public transport, you might want a smaller compact. 

    Your boot space - how big is your boot? As Milliesmummy says, this is important - you need to be able to fit the buggy in your boot. 

    Also, if you're buying a car seat too, you need to make sure it's compatible with the buggy you go for, or you get adapters. If you bought something like a Britax buggy, they do offers on the whole travel system (which mens you get the buggy, the car seat, car seat base, carry cot etc)

    Hope this helps!  

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