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Advice please

Hi everyone,

I am just looking for a bit of advice about pay day loans and if you know anything about them I would much appreciate anybody who can give me some insight about what I can do in my situation.

Hello everyone my name's Molly and I'm 21. I suffer from chronic pelvic pain, chronic stomach pain, neurological problems including absent seizures, I suffer from liver disease and also I have severe depression and anxiety. I currently use a wheelchair as I'm unable to walk more than 10 metres.

Enough about me and my health and more about what I'm asking about - 

I got paid last week my disability money. I ended up in hospital with suspected appendicitis and was going to operate but instead didnt. They kept me in for a while and I couldn't go home for a few days. During this time I hadn't paid for my electric or my normal food shop etc as the money went on getting me food from the hospital and taxi for my DF to travel to give me support. I cannot eat certain foods as I vomit a lot and the hospital refused me shakes which I get prescribed from my doctor I'm also on 2 different types of morphine naproxen mefenamic acid tranexamic acid ondasetron paracetemol and sertraline. Me not with it at all as I was terrified about my health I didn't manage to sort my finances as sufficiently as normal. My DF had to quit he's job to take care of me full time as I cannot be left on my own. We have no family around us either. We are currently awaiting carers allowance and income support for my DF for the hard work he does looming after me. Because of the difficult hospital experience we ended up spending money that shouldn't have been spent and left us nearly broke as I only got paid just less than £300... unexpectedly DF son had come to stay with us whilst he's mum has gone on holiday and now my electric went yesterday this has left us with no food as it has all defrosted and gone off because the electricity has gone. I also have a broke boiler so I have been using an electric heater to keep warm. My concern is I have contacted N Power for help my local council and my job centre and none of them are willing to help me. They have told me lots of different excuses. The neighbours do not like the fact I receive disability money and try to victimise me and as I am new on an extremely rough estate am unable to ask for help. 

My question is does anybody know what payday loans accept people who have never had credit before? I do not get paid for a couple more days and in urgent need of getting a loan. I'm not very clued up on it all and I've gone down every other route this is all I have left. I feel so terrible now. Why did I have to be poorly? I thought they had a duty of care to provide electric considering I'm disabled and there's a child but obviously not. He's currently using 2 quilts to keep warm and me and my DF don't have one. I'm worried about my own health as I also have bad circulation and the cold isn't good for my health. I keep having to switch my phone off so it doesn't die so I can keep contacting places for support. The local food bank when I called won't offer any help with electric just food but unfortunately as DF cannot leave me and I'm currently bed bound since being in hospital that is no longer an option. We also had no choice but to have DSS as he's mother threatened we would never see him again if we don't. He does go home tomorrow luckily so he doesn't have to go through it any longer than needed. 

Just really could do with some support and advice on what I can do next thank you ever so much if you did read this I really appreciate it more than you would ever know xxd


  • I really don't want to come across as a tramp I just really need some financial advice. I've brought myself a long way since my mum passed away and moving a way from my gambling addict dad. Please if anyone knows anything about payday loans can you comment asap so I can try some of them. I have tried a few who have declined xx

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