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Relatives buying Christmas presents for your kids: do you find it tricky?


We wanted to ask you about buying gifts for your children, and if it can be a bit of a problem with family members? Do your parents and inlaws buy your children huge amounts of stuff that’s not needed? Or do they ask you what your kids want or are going to get from you, so they don’t end up buying the wrong thing or duplicate gifts? 

We’d love to know how your family do Christmas presents, so please do come and tell us by posting a reply to this thread - we’d be so interested to know what happens in your house. 



  • We give them so ideas of what they like and then they buy them the bits n more. 

    Freyas bored of opening them half way through 🙉🎄

  • I find it quite stressful actually. For some family members, they want to go buy them stuff they like themselves and we end up with unsuitable things. I try not to be ungrateful though and will store things for him to play with later. When I'm buying things for family members, I prefer a specific wish list. With things like Amazon, there's no excuses anymore!

    I should add that we're in an unusual situation as my son is behind developmentally so will never be able to play with toys from his age hence I prefer him to get things he can play with now!

  • My family and I laws get my girls a sack full each. my mum always asks tho and she normally does my kids toys and a little drop of clothes which has always been the case as we used to struggle and it just kept on from there. She always asks though.

    the mother in law gets what ever and the sister in law always asks.. we always end up with to much xxx

  • I give a list to both sets of grandparents. My inlaws will stick to the lst religously and buy a few trinkets, or small extras, but my mum, always goes crazy and will buy the list plus a stupid amount of other stuff the kids just don't need. Sounds awful but i get really cross with her for going so OTT - they are spoilt enough as it is! 

  • This is my second Christmas with a baby and as i was on his birthday I’ve been totally bombarded with the “I bet he has everything, what shall we get Morgan for Christmas?” Question!😂

    I’ve just told everyone how I’m not going over board this year as we are going to butlins in March so either money for that or and am sticking to gifts such as books, clothes for spring & a few toys that’ll help develop Morgans learning etc!

  • I have specified no big things as we just don't have the space. Other than that I have given suggestions of what she might need/want and left it with them. 

    We haven't gotten much ourselves as i know she will be spoiled. She is 16 months so not old enough to know exactly what Christmas is and what presents are 

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