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Food aversions and cravings

thought for a little fun we could all share our aversions and cravings with my first I craved chocolate (which I don't actually like) and cherry Coke this time around I'm finding its fruit and apple juice with my first I couldn't even look at a chip without feeling ill this time around its hot drinks like tea and coffee my eldest is a girl im still early so don't have a due date yet x


  • Cucumber and ice lollies - i could not stop eating them - i'd eat a whole cucumber every day and also lychee ice lollies. 

    The smell of tabasco sauce made me want to vomit! 

  • Chips and fruit juice, although I love both these things so not sure I'm not just using this little bundle as an excuse 🙂

  • When did your cravings/aversions start? Cx

  • I started hating the smell of ham before I knew I was pregnant, the cravings started about 8 weeks x

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