im going to kill him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my oh has put all the cream eggs in the bloody fridge :x im so angry, does he not think ???? i wouldnt mind but hes never put anything away in 8 yrs. so why start with my cream eggs?????? ive just tried one and it tastes all wrong im going 4 acry now :cry:


  • I wouldn't be happy either. Good luck and try to calm down :\)
  • Beat him. Beat him now! With a big stick!
  • :lol: sharron, you clearly are absolutely bonkers! i keep seeing all these topics about creme eggs creeping around in here and am becoming quite concerned for you all :roll:
  • oh no cream eggs from the fridge are just not the same..............
  • ive just phoned him at work and he thinks im over reacting :roll: well ill teach him im going to put all his undies in the freezer image im feeling a little better now
  • but eva i love my cream eggs lol
  • honeymummy I think I am going to wet myself from laughing at you. i hope his underware thaws out before he puts them on in the morning or he's going to be very cold............
  • not as cold as my bloody eggs the bastard
  • watch your BP now, dont want that going through the roof.
  • am i making you feel better?? :lol:
  • well sharron, you could always open the freezer door, put his privates half way in and then slam the door shut on it a few times, then ask him 'do you think i'm over reacting hun?' image
  • Noooooooo creme eggs aren't supposed to be hard in the middle! Love the ideas about the undies (the girls at work think I've finally gone mad as I'm laughing out loud to your comment) image
  • when i phoned he asked if it was an emergency as hes an anesthetist and has a patient on the operating table :lol: well id say its an emergency !!!!
  • Believe me I know creme eggs are so NOT the same once they have been in the fridge!!!! Thats just torture!!! I love the underwear idea, I think thats a fair thing to do to make him understand CREME EGGS DO NOT GO IN THE FRIDGE!! Right, I'm off across the road to buy a couple eggs!:lol: image
  • LOL honeymummy, men just don't understand the concept of chocolate do they? the only time you put it in the fridge is either before playing the chocolate game, or when it is so hot it melts everywhere!
    I'd agree it's an emergency, hope he doesn't need and anesthestist when he gets home lol
  • ha haha ha ha soooooo funny.... maybe u should put his beer in the microwave so it's all warm when he drinks it?!! hehehe
  • the other thing is that i saw my consultant yesterday and he works with my oh, he had to do an internal yesterday and today he saw the oh and said hed seen me the oh said i hope she had tidied up her lady garden, not is she doing ok or hows baby bloody men image
  • They really ARE from Mars! image
  • Microwave the creme eggs for 30 secs, that should do it.
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