my exciting life!

how exciting is my life im sat in my pj's watching the simpsons with my 3 yr old waiting for his bedtime at half 7 so i can go to bed too im fed up of being tired is it just me? so exciting never mind could be worse im 24 wks now so only 16 wks to go its flying by hope everyone is ok lisa x :lol:


  • :lol: Lisa you have just made my day...I keep thinking to myself "oh poo, i'm only 21 weeks my due date is so far away, moan moan, blah blah, etc..." but you've just made me look at it that it's only 19 weeks to go!! It must be pregnancy thinking and I'm probably mad but I am now smiling image
    Call me insane but I feel a bit less bored now. Enjoy the Simpsons ;\)
  • ive been in my nightie since 7 watching topgear then going to bed!!!!only 18 weeks to go, then in my nightie all day lololololol
  • thanks for the reminder honey, have just switched to bbc2!
  • so your watching it too ive got a new dodge ram so i really want that grill hammys got on his pick up !!!!
  • How cool are you??? I want one!
  • coolest mum on the school run , its a 5.7 hemi dodge ram laramie pretty cool!!!!
  • Now i'm really depressed!! I drive a Daewoo Lanos!! Life is so cruel!!!
  • i also had pink hair till i found out i was up the duff
  • LOL!! excellent, If i turned up at my daughter's school with pink hair she would kill me!! I'm already an 'embarrassing mum' because i wait for her at the gates singing along to my ipod!! What made you not have pink hair anymore???
  • haha, I got up watched tv for 3 hours in the lounge, had a shower, put my pj's back on & stayed in bed all day watching tele & dvd's. I did get up to do a couple of loads of washing but made hubby tumble them. Being lazy every now & then is one of the perks of being preggers IMO. Getting dressed is overated anyway image
  • I can't wait to spend the day in my PJ's. I was saying this to OH the other day but he reckons i'll become unmotivated and lethargic if i do that! lethargy is definately hitting me already! only two weeks left at work then Pyjama party here i come!!
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