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Hi just wanted to know if there was any other single young mums out there? i'm 17 but hate that i keep being stereotyped as a benefits scrounger, i have a full time job and will be supporting myself and my baby by myself. is any one lese in this situation?


  • hi im not in the same situation as you are but i really respect what you are doing, you will do a great job supporting yourself and your baby. I understand what you mean about people stereotyping you, i am 20 but even though i will be a young mum i do look younger than i actually am and i hate the way people look at me like i'm some young irresponisible mother to be and they don't even know me or anything about what kind life i live. It's really frustrating when you walk down the street feeling really happy and proud that your going to have a baby and then you get dirty disaproving looks of people you don't evn know, it's quite upsetting.
  • hey,
    well im 19 but married i had my first child at 16 and like you i hated being sterotyped or geetin the looks like you are disgusting while walking round down. the best thing you can do is ignore it and be proud that you are going to a beautiful baby and can look after yourselfs... i just found out im preganant again and luckily there will be a 4yr difference in age =0)
    good luck with everythin chick xx
  • Hi there, I know exactly what you mean! I'm 22, have a well paying full time job, and have just sold my house in order to make sure I have enough money for me and my daughter. Despite this I STILL get the disapproving looks from neighbours and couples at birthing classes etc when they find out that I'm a single parent to be. It is extremely irritating but it's the narrow minded people that are at fault not us! Best of luck.
    Katie 37+5
  • yeah im sick of it aswell, i am 16 and expecting in march and hate the way people treat me, i try to get a job but no one will take me, how do they expect you not to be on benifits if you cant get a job because no one will take you!
  • hi i also know what you mean i had my daughter at 18 and even though i worked all through my pregnancy and went back after taking maternity leave, i still get looked down on. i'm now pregnant with my second baby and it really anoys me the looks and even comments i get off people. the best thing to do is to hold your head up high and ignore them your doing what is best for you and your baby. Good luck with everything xx
  • hi am a new young mum too am 20 and have a 16month who has health problems and am 5months prganat with my 2nd just ignore what they say ive looked for a job but now one will take me but my partner is trying hard to make sure we have what we need just do your thing and be happy
  • sorry usin my partner account
  • Hi my names claire and im 22 my daughter is Evelyn and 3 months old. I live in the middle of an estate which houses mostly single mothers who live on benefits (no disrespect) and i feel when ever i go out for a walk or walk to my mums im looked at with disgust like im a single mother on benefits too (as i have to then walk though a posher estate) which im not i have worked since i left college at 18 and worked right up until 4 weeks before Evelyn was born and i plan on going back part time after my maternity leave runs out, my fiancee works full time in a well paid job and we live comfotably. Thankfully we are moving next week to a nicer area so i will no longer have this probelm. I know how you feel. We are expected to respect our elders but should it work both ways. People shouldnt tar us all with the same brush!!!!! :roll:
  • hey my names fay and im 17,my little girls due in december and i hate the way that people just assume that because you are young and are pregnant or have a child that you must be claiming benefits and not working.the looks that i get off mainly women when i get onto the bus is unbeleivable thay look at me with such disgust they probably think that i am a stupid teenager who got pregnant with a random boy and am claiming benefits.when in reality ive been with the father of my baby for 2 years,am moving out into a private house and we are both working.i just think that its unfair the way they put everyone into the same stereotype and dont give young moms a chance. fay xx
  • Hi i've already posted into this topic but i do get really frustrated about it. As i said before i am 20 and look younger but i'm happily married and live in a nice area, me and my husband both work really hard to get to where we are to have what we've got and i just hate it when people look at me like i'm some irresponsible little girl. I've tried not to let it bother me but today i went into town and ican't count the amount of dirty looks i got, it's unfair that we all get sterotyped as bad mothers to be who haven't got a clue about anything when really i'm sure we will all be fantastic parents.
  • hi im 19 n this is my 2nd am 17 wks and am not working but that is because of health reasons.with my 1st pregnancy(when i was 18)i gave birth to twins prematurly at only 23 wks.i live in spain and had to stop my job working in a bar when i found out i was pregnant because of the risks.i have also just been into hospital for a stitch to stop the same thing happening again and have to have as much rest as possible.i am sick of being stereotyped.i wish i could work,i get so bored being at home n i loved my job and the people i worked with.i have been with my boyfriend for 3yrs and we own a home so i am not just relying on some lad i just met.i wish i could have a normal pregnancy and not have to be worrying all the why do i get looked down on for this?
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