Hi all, im sooooo confused- what the hell is going on in eastenders with dawn and rob and the physco doctor wifey may??? OMG! anybody know what is supposed to be happening coz i read a while back that when dawns baby arrived that may was going to kidnap the baby but they had to quickly re write the whole script out of respect for madeline macanns parents. so what are they gunna do now... i didnt even know rob and may were talking to each other?!
O.K i know its not real but when ur bored on mat leave its something to look forward to and ive been following dawns pg closely coz she announced she was pg the week i found out i was and i said "we will c if enders get their dates right!!" because to me,it always seems like soapstars r pg forever or only a few months??
Anyway, if anybody knows what the hell is supposed to be going on.... do tell as i really cant wait till 8 o clock.....bored bored bored!!!! thanks hannah xx

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  • apparently may handcuffs dawn to the bed, they hav a fight, dawn gets away, has her baby and won't see rob!!! He's scum anyhoo!
  • oooooooohhhhhhh that is very weird!! but eastenders r being very strange as one min rob and may hate each other then they r shaggin on the bloody doctors desk!!
    its all very confusing right now.....
    Hope ur ok sazzy??
  • well, apparently wen they tie her up, may gets a scalpel out an offers to give dawn a caesarian!!!weirdos!i think she gets free though an makes a run for it.at least that stupid story line is over!!
  • apparently rob gets may sectioned. im not ok but not gonna whinge xxx
  • apparently rob gets may sectioned. im not ok but not gonna whinge xxx
  • its all very confusing.......whats up szzyjay?? u can whinge 2 me if ya want to i dont mind x
  • i'm just about to fail my degree because the Personal Exentuating Circumstances Board don't believe I've had a miscarriage nor that I'm pregnant, despite me showing them my notes. I don't see the point in paying for a doctors note as my doctor has nothing to do with my pregnancy - I get handed over to the triage nurse. She can't write the letter cos it has to be a doctor. Looks like I'm resirring my final year!
  • awwww dont give up hun. im sure there r people who can advise you on this have u tried talking to anybody else involved where u r studying? i thought that your maternity notes can be used as evidence? I used these when i went down the council for a place and they took these as evidence? have u asked about this?
    sorry, theres me waffling on about eastenders and people have real probs...
  • They've taken a copy of them but say its not enough!!! Completely lost it this morning when the women (who was completely up her own arse) told me they needed proof of a miscarriage. And I mean completely lost it. I hung up and didn't know what else to do. I finally let go and someone has the insensitivity to bring it all bk up by asking me to prove it! It's taken me this many months to get to where I am now and I just feel everythings gone to waste image
  • SazzyJay - why don't you get your mat b1 cert (available when you're 24 wks) from your gp. You could make an apt with a gp, explain everything and they maybe able to write a letter or atleast do something/ point you in the right direction?

    Just trying to help. Don't let the bastartds get you down!! xx
  • I really feel for u, its one of those things u just want to try to forget about and then some bitch prob just on a power trip brings it all up and makes the memories fresh again!! i really don't understand why u have to prove this (i think it is so unfair and they should just take ur word for it)
    is the only way a doc note? does it cost much?
    personally, i think it takes the piss but it would b such a shame to let all ur hard work go 2 waste now hun xx
  • Ammo for you: "why won't they accept it when an employer/ HR dept HAS to accept it as proof of a pregnancy?

    i think they're idiots, i think you've got loads of fight left in you! I had to postpone my final year due to extenuating circumstances - I did politics @ Leicester.

    When i postponed it I spoke to a senior member of staff and the head of faculty. Can you get lecturers on borad? xx
  • HI SazzyJay

    Sorry to jump into your thread re your problems. I had to recently prove to a court (ongoing case with my ex re his access to my children) that a) I had a miscarriage back in January and that b) I was in a high risk preganancy this time due to previous miscarriage and high blood pressure so that I could be excused from a hearing 300 miles from my home. Basically the judge didn't believe my letter...I am defending myself...I bet if I had a solicitor it wouldn't havebeen questioned.

    My brand new doctor wrote a letter and also got a copy of the notes from my current consultant. Now bearing in mind that my miscarriage happened in Wiltshire and I am now in North Yorkshire, no one has questioned whether I had the miscarriage etc. There will be notes somewhere and your doctor should be able to get all the info he needs to help you out.

    It is disgusting to think that you even have to prove that you have m/c or are pregnant. Some people are such f'ing imbeciles,,,as it it isn't enough to cope with a m/c you then have to relive it all because of stupid red tape and the inability of some people to make a decision.

    I really hope you get the result you want, there is no way you should have to resit your last year and you must have a chance of appeal anyway.

    Good luck.


  • Thanks girls. I have had news though - the 'power trip bitch' will let me take in my notes and will take copies of the previous pregnancies page! Christ sake!!!
  • well thats good news (although shes been a pain in the arse!) im happy u got that bitch sorted!! look after urself and try not to stress urself out. (easier said than done-I KNOW!)
    Take care and let us know how u get on with it all xx
  • Excellent news...I'd take your doppler and shove the headphones on her bloody ears and tell her to copy that too!

  • LOL Callyb xx
    good idea!!
  • I like that idea!!! But no doubt she'd probably tell me I just look fat!! And thats from someone I don't know (she just sounds the sorta person to say summit like that!). Thanks girlies. Feeling a bit run down but I'll live! Sorry for the moan xxx
  • Aw SJ, you've had it rough lately eh? The mc, your job loss, now this. I hope it all gets sorted for you kiddo, you deserve a break. Big hugs xx
  • Yet i keep dusting myself down and bouncing back. On the plus side I do techincally hav a lil job xxx
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