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Anyone expecting their third child?

Hi guys

I am still in the first trimester of my third pregnancy. Just wondering if there are any other mums out their expecting their third or already have more than 2? Everyone thinks I’m crazy as I already have a girl (7) and a boy (3).



  • I had my third last April so he is now 9 Months old he was a complete surprise has I have two girls who were 7 and 10 when he was born , it’s not as bad as I thought it would be I was dreading night feeds and school runs but was never late once 😅 also I think getting Blake into a routine was easier as there was already one in place with the girls , Blake is my last and I have really made the most of it plus its easier as you will have two little helpers Xx

  • Our third was planned lol I am dreading the school runs already but I am glad there is a bit of a gap. My daughter is over the moon and was brilliant when her brother was born so I’m confident about that but I am a little worried how my son will be - he has been my baby.

  • when people say the third ” Just fits in “ it is true they really do 😂 as for school runs I just stayed up after the early morning bottle in fear of not waking up haha I’m sure you will be fine X

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