hiya everyone im just wondering what pram you have got as i want a travel system but would be good to here everone elses oppions


  • Ive brought the forme 6 in 1 from mama's and papas, its got pretty much everything with it, we had in the ice colour.
  • Hiya, it took us 7 months to decide on which travel system to buy. All along we were having a quinny buzz but after trying my 2 year old niece in it decided it was far too small and would not get our moneys worth, whereas we have now opted for the mamas and papas 6 in 1 forme with mpx chassis. It is fantastic and much bigger than many others but still light weight. Hope this helps and good luck.:\)
  • I needed a light pram as my garden is on a slope and i have lots of steps going down from my house, the back way is far too steep to push a pram down so ill have to lift it down the steps then go put my baby in lol. I went for the Mamas and papas pramette as i wanted one that was a lay flat pram that turns into a pushchair and was very light. We got the car seat to match both in polka. I did want a bugaboo cameleon but they didnt have the colours i wanted together image. First time with my boy i had a graco and i didnt like it, it was fiddly to use, we didnt have a car so folding it for a bus was a nightmare! and it was a bit a heavy. Go test them in the shops if you can first, we pushed about 5 round in mothercare lol, we were carrying them putting them up and down and everything and the staff didnt seem to mind, even when we left with no pram haha.
  • I've gone for the Graco Quattro Deluxe. From discussions on other forums it doesn't seem like a popular choice, everybody is going for Quinny or Mamas & Papas. I'm sticking with my Graco as I really like to features - one-handed folding mechanism, built-in thermometer, removable toy/activity tray, extra large mesh basket for shopping. In the end it doesn't matter which brand or how much it costs; its down to how well it suits your needs.
  • We just bought our Graco Vivi Twinckle system. It was the only one fit for me as i am very short and i needed the handle to be adjusted quite low. Also we don't have a car and the huge shopping basket will be very handy. I don't see myself folding it with hand though even hubby can't do it. But i live near the bus depot so it will be first bus stop when i use the bus lol
  • I've got the mamas and papas 6 in 1 in city scape, seemed a good idea - but apprently it gets covered in fluff from blankets.
  • Claire21, in what way are you new and improved?? I keep wondering xx
  • I've lost a bit of weight and I've had my fringe trimmed. xx
  • oh, i thought it was your language cos I haven't seen you be naughty for a while!! xx
  • No, its that as well, although I have been naughty just not said the f word - yet. And i've got a new fridge, that has made me a better person.
  • Actually if I'm brutally honest, when I couldn't get on here a few weekends ago and was panicking I'd been barred - Claire Weston suggested I chose a new user name to get back on - and thats what she said - New and Improved, and I think I like it better than Fanny face or whatever I got called before x
  • any one got the hauk 3 wheeler jeep travel system?? i need somthing that folds to nothing as i need to get it in the car with thd dog in there too! and i am a miserable bitch so don't want to pay a fortune lol
  • Snap I'm a miserable bitch too, but my parents bought me mine, as I didn't want to spend a fortune either. I'm worried it's going to be cramped in the boot of my car - it fits - just.
  • no parents left cos im an old bitch too and they are long dead lol so we are buying everything .thought i was going to get some of my friends old stuff cos her wee one is 2 but her neice is expecting at the same time so thats that out the window!!
  • We have been bought the Ultima 5in1 from M&P by my mum and dad in polka as it has everything on that we need. I can't wait to start using it now! Only 6 days to go!!
  • Hi

    Ive got the graco quattro travel system and I bought the carrycot to go with it too. It seems easy to use cant wait to have a proper trip out with it though.

  • hi,
    I really wanted a travel system too but all the ones in the shops i liked seemed very expensive at ??350+ and then you had to pay extra for the car seat. Im a miserable bitch too and didnt wanna pay that much so I ended up going bargain hunting online and got a safety first kansas travel system complete with car seat for a great ??160!
    I love it, its black and light grey, really sturdy (looks like it will last) its a 3 wheeler with nice fat tyres that you pump up (great for off roading) and has loads of features such as an adjustable handle bar, parent tray, baby tray and 1 handed folding. It came with the car seat like i said and also with the rain cover and a pump for the tyres and a foot muff. It looks great and pushes great and i cant wait to use it. I would say the only down side to it is its slightly heavy so not ideal for public transport but that doesnt matter to me as i have a car.
    Toni x
  • what site did you get it from toni would like to have a look at it cos i need fat tyres for all the beach and wood walks i have to do with the dog fea
  • i got it from
    Its free delivery too image
    It doesnt say anything about a foot muff but it does come with one which was a nice supprise when i opened the box.
    Toni x
  • thanks toni will have a look in a while just lying back feelin lo squirm around i am so sad it keeps me facinated for hour lol
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