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Need some help please don’t read and run - when do i legally have to tell an employer i'm pregnant?

so I was on mat leave I went back to work but found another job that suited me and my son better but I got pregnant again and then because it was a zero hour contract she got rid of me my official leave date for my job before I quit is today I already Have my P45 and I have a meeting with them tomorrow about maybe coming back. am I enti my job back and will it be as if I never left as today is my leave date I will be there 26 weeks so I know I can get maternity pay but I don’t want to tell them that I’m pregnant just yet when do I legally have to tell them?


  • Hi Mama bear17, sorry we can't advise you on the legalities of your employment situation, but we thought this thread about telling work you are pregnant, might be helpful. 

  • I understand your dilemma. You need to confirm that your employment with them .i.e contract will continue and a new one isn't going to be issued at the meeting

    Legal bit: Employees must tell their employer about the pregnancy at least 15 weeks before the beginning of the week the baby is due..

    The link has details about your rights and protection

  • My contact i carrying on so it’s like I’ve never left I’m really worried about telling her I’m pregnant 😭

  • I felt the same way but in my case got a job while pregnant for no.1 worked for only 5 months went on maternity leave on return got pregnant for no.2 was very worried about telling them used my annual leave and off days for antenatal appt and scans. I eventually told them wasn’t s big deal as i had thought got support during pregnancy. I m still on my mat leave now with 11 week old 

    You don’t have to inform now. However they are not liable to support you with attending scan appt, antenatal and work place adjustments if you don’t inform them

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