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Summer camp for 13 year old in America - we're in the UK!

My thirteen-year-old daughter would love to go to summer camp. She has set her mind on a camp in Southern California near Los Angeles. Obviously, I live in the UK so I would have to pay for flights and the camp. What should I do? My husband has already got her hopes up. I don't want to seem like the bad guy. Help!   


  • Have you thought of camps in the UK? My son goes to a residential called XUK ( saves on flights! x
  • Is it more about the money or about that. you are worried? As Sley said I would find something in UK because for sure it will be cheaper and you won't be that far from your child so in case anything happen you can visit her. Find something the same attractive as the camp in US, maybe it will convince her to change decision.
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