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Children's Book Name???

Hi everyone!!

Just to let you know, I am not a mum, and I am not trying for a baby (I'm only 18:)) but for the past few weeks I have been trying to remember a children's book which I used to absolutely LOVE when I was little and I really want to buy it just for nostalgia, but I cannot remember the name at all!

So I was hoping that maybe some of you may have come across it before and I was hoping for a big team effort of all mums to help relieve me of this frustration & plus you're the experts in this field, so who better to ask?

Now, for the book. Just as a reminder, I'm 18, so probably haven't read this book in about 15 years, so I have barely any knowledge of it except for this:

I remember it being about kind of like a big childminder who was an animal (I think a bear) and she looked after all of these little baby animals, who I cannot remember what animals they were. The book is about the journey of her picking each one up off their mum's and then I think they all end up at the park for their like day trip out. I'm sorry that's all I've got!

But I would be SO SO SO grateful for anyone who has any ideas what this book could be!!

Thankyou all!

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