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Confused about period

...I'm confused about my period and I do think I'm feeling pregant I had a son but I forgot what it feels like cuz I been working so hard and not think about pregant...I found out pregant was 3 months later and born healthy baby boy...anyway I think I'm pregant cuz I was supposed to be on period first month week but late about 6 days later and then I see brown color period not normal red color..been have that for 3 days and stop for few hours and then bleed again but very very light ...not flowing like normal period and it not full up my pad to exchange it ....and I'm still having brown blood for almost 7 days and now I'm feeling nausea but not throw up yet..when I lay down dizzy quick and light headed...very thirsty...not very hunger more likely morning very hunger....feel little bit cramp not like period cramp but stomach sore up to where my breast is ....I'm very tired just feeling no energy at could I be pregnant? Sound like I am but when is best day to take preagnt test since I still having brown blood for 7 days 

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