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Going to the toilet during class time - year 6

I teach year 6( primary school UK) I don't let children go to the toilet during lessons. Would you be annoyed as a parent? 


  • OOO this is a tough one. My daughter who is in Year 4 isn't allowed to go to the loo during lessons, and i should think by Year 6, kids should know to go at break time, or they have to wait. 

    So as a parent, i'm a little miffed my daughter can't go during lessons, and sometimes at the end of the day, she comes out busting to go, but says she wasn't allowed. But then where do you draw the line? If one kid goes, all of them might take advantage! 

  • id be mad, children could become anxious about this, what if they wet them self’s? If you gotta go you gotta go! Also if they are paying more attention to holding in a wee then they won’t have attention on your class..when I was a kid I used to get very anxious that I had to sit in class and wasn’t aloud to leave, this won’t effect all of your class but bet there’s at least 1 just let them go you will know if they are messing obviously if they want to every 5 mind then say no lol unless they have got the runs lol

  • medically you run the risk of urine infection if you make them hold it .. encourage toilet usage during break time i.e. Reminded them before they leave the class room and keep an eye on possible offenders ... as a parent I'd be fuming if my child wasn't allowed for a wee or the other ! u can't  tell a child to hold a poo it isn't healthy   

  • I’d be mad. My daughter is in primary 1 (scotland is slightly diff) but she gets so worked up about the toilet and embsrrassed. She ends up wetting herself if she can’t get when she needs and then doesnt tell anyone incase she gets in trouble. I have to keep clean pants in her bag. 

    As a nurse, we don’t reccomend holding on your urine. For anyone it is not great and young girls are even higher risk for urine infection.

    I understand it must be difficult for teacher too but I think a bit of common savvy should be used. It would soon become obvious who was genuinely wanting to toilet and who wants a 5 mind skive. Does your school or local authority not have policies in place?

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