Big Brother Gossip!....

Hi all, nothing to do with pregnancy .. sorry!..
just thought id ask what you think of Emily being removed from the BB house due to saying a racist remark to Charlie!....??
Not again!!!...

What do you recon so far?..

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  • Which ones Emily?

    I expect they feel they need to be extra careful after celebrity BB so the slightest whff of a problem and they'll be on it straight away.

  • blimey... me knowing all their names just shows how exciting my life is doesnt it!.. :lol:

    if you go to the yahoo main page the headlines are on there...
  • I think BB was right to throw her out. Unfortunately these people become role models for a short time and its just not acceptable to use the "N word". I'm sure she'll get her tits out in some lads mag and spout on about how she was joking. Before she went in she was slagging off BB for not entering intellectual people into the house, well I think she might have shot herself in the foot. Stupid little girl.
  • thats the problem.. they seem to have put quite a few stupid little girls in there this year....
    Channelle is also a complete tart!...
    as soon as Ziggy went in she asked to borrow a T-shirt... and came out to model it without any knickers on!.. the first night he was there!... Did anyone else spot this?..
    slapper or what!...

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  • I'm so glad they've chucked her out - not just for her racist comment, but just her whole attitude. I hated her as soon as she said she loved this new music called Indie? what the fuck, surely she was joking? I also hate Charley, infact I could probably count on two fingers those I don't hate.
    I did think Chanelle was being a tart with the bare arse incident, but I've grown to like her a bit more over the last couple of days - probably because she was arguing with Emily.
    The other one I've gone right off is Laura, she is so bloody ugly that when she's on I can't stop looking at her, and I think shes going to be a stroppey bitch.
  • I don't like that old woman, whats her name? Leslie?! God, what a drama queen! I actually wouldn't be able to speak to her because she seems to deliberatley look for something to be offended by in everything anyone says! It'd be like walking on eggshells all the time! Do they screen people to make sure they don't have a mental age above 3 years?!
  • I didnt even know about her being kicked out! i hated her 2. she was a right bitch. chanelle is from the same city as me! i noticed the tartyness too. if she wanted baggy t-shirts and hoodys then why dint she take some in?? btw dont know if ya know but she has a bf so i wonder what he is thinkin!!
  • lol claire21 i totally agree. I found it halarious when emily said "im really inot the new type of music called Indie" HAHA get to know your music luvvie how long has the likes of indie and rock been around? probably long before she was born...Stupid tart!

    Plus they all had a big talk before they went in about the whole racism issue, shes so thick to let something like that slip, especially as its only been a week since they went in. Shes much better out of there!
  • I think they're all bitches to be honest! And that Charley - come on please - I've never known anyone to name drop as much!!

    How about I do some name dropping eh...probably means nothing to anyone else but I have Bob Johnson the weathermans autograph! LOL!

    Oh and my husband's cousin is Simply Red's BodyGuard/Security person. Do i win a prize yet???


  • my hubby thinks this will be the last big bro esp as the lease is up on the ground where the house is.
    i think thay will have a break for maybe five yrs then it will be back what do you all think? and i cant stand charley or shabnab both very bitchy.
  • So did anyone watch it last night. I was so glad she got kicked out, and although I don't think she said it in a nasty way - that fact is she said it, and it was wrong. I also don't think she was joking, as she looked really surprised afterwards. I think it was a slip of the tongue. However I don't think she did herself any favours the way she acted before and after the incident. Loved how she thought it was something and nothing when she was in the diary room, until they told her to leave. Just need to get Charley out now - the gobshite.
  • yeah.. cant believe they took her out at 3am ish!....

    oh well... she really was stupid saying something like that, especially after all what happened before. Charlie was def. offended by it as she couldnt stop mentioning it. She looked pretty hurst too actually... so its just as well....

    Wonder what tonights one is going to be like?.....

    That shabnam is beginning to grow on me!.. dodgy I know.... :roll:
    shes crazy...

    Wonder what they will do with the evictions????...
    also did you know 2 MEN ARE GOING IN TONIGHT!... X
  • To be honest, I don't think Charley was offended by it. Sure, she might have been a little bit shocked to hear Emily say that word, but she made the whole thing far, far worse than it needed to be by going on and on about it! When she went and had to mention it ot Shabnam and then again later in the bedroom in front of everyone else by saying that something had been said but then pretending to be all secretive about what it was because "It's not mportant" She is so two faced! She should be removed too for being a silly cow!
  • OOH i'd forgotten about that, when she was saying to shabnam, why bring it up - well actually love, you said to me come outside and i'll tell you - then infront on emily she was saying to her - leave it. I'd love for charley to be the next out - is it me or is she a munter????
  • Definately a munter!
  • Charley is completely two-faced and she keeps contradicting herself. When she was entering the house Davina read out that one of Charley's hates was skinny people. 2 days later he's having a go at all the other girls cos they've got "more meat on them then her and she's only a size 6, she needs food more than they do cos she'll waste away" (or something along those lines). Oh please, get over yourself. She needs the extra calories to keep her mouth moving at the speed it does!
    I thought I would like Laura but her selfish attitude to fridge-raiding is really pissing me off.

    Can I vote for no-one to win and the prize money to be given to that nurses fund instead?
  • Ooh, we could start a petition! None of them deserves it! (The housemates that is, the nurses obviously deserve it!)
  • Claire21 you do make me giggle! Don't hold back now!! You are of course completely correct in you descriptions of people, especially Charlie.

    Now come on, I agree that Emily is far too stuck up and totally dim (new indie!!!) but it was obviously a slip of the tongue. I felt quite sorry for her because im sure she wouldn't have said it if she thought for 2 seconds! However bb had no choice really but to remove her after what happened with jade goody (although i think that too was blown out of proportion and not what it was made out to be).

    Charlie is a total bitch. Calling shabnab outside but then saying "leave it, why are you bringing it up". Why didn't shabnab snap back that it was actually Charlie the two faced cow who called her out there.

    I hope Charlie meets her match when she leaves... which I hope will be soon.

    I think Laura is quite funny "well it stands to reason that fat people have a bigger appetite and therefore i should be entitled to extra food!!!". Of course you should love!!

    Ahh, I think I need to get a life. It is funny though!
  • What I don't understand is why nothing has been said to Charley cos after all, she repeated th N word on more than one occasion!!!

    I can't stand her, what is with all the name dropping? And why when she is talking does she have to get louder & louder as she goes along????

    As for Shabnam, i think she is such a munter now she has had to remove all her make up!!!

    Just so couldn't be doing with being in there with all those lot screaming but it does make for great viewing though.
  • Emily was a very silly little girl, but as for Charley!! She's all like 'I am the victim' now - I think she can see pound signs flashing!! She needs to go!! Jo x
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