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has anyone else lost their avatar? mine has disappeared? :\?


  • ME ME ME :\? i havnt just lost my avatar ive lost all pics on the site :\( i wanna show my 4d scan off and it wont work :cry: boo hoo :cry: xx
  • I know I got a 4d scan done on Thursday and I really want to show it off too but I cant get my pic on either :cry:
  • oh tel me more about ur 4d scan, im really interested in gettin 1 dun. i dont hav a clue bout the avatar, i tried when i first joined but it neva worked so i gave up. there is some1 on this site who knows how to do it but ill have 2 try remember her name. my memory isnt what it used 2 b***
  • The 4d scans are amazing and well worth the money, I was 31 weeks on thurs when I gort mine done which is quite late but it was fab and so clear she looks like a proper baby now, I had to laugh when she put 2 fingers up though, shes gonna be a right little madam ha ha. Id definately get one done its something you can keep and show your little one when they are older, i got 8 pics a dvd and a cd rom with pics on. I hope I can get my avatar on soon cause iv got a great pic to put on.
  • jojo you are right it was the most amazing thing i have ever seen was fantastic! my baby is so pretty image

    tess1 you should get one its fantastic well worth the money id pay all over again but hubbie said no :\( lol

    Its amazing seeing your baby moving about ours was playing with her cord, smiling, yawning, sucking her arm, blowing kisses was fantastic i to cant wait for my avatar to work again xx
  • it must b so worth it seein ur baby 4 the 1st time. im goin 2 see how much they are in my area (london) & tell the o/h 2 pay 4 it. iv still got ages but im the kind of person who has 2 b organised or i worry!!!***
  • Mine is working now yay. Im made up I had to convert the picture to jpeg before I could use it as my avatar. Oh defo get one done Tess have a look around on-line or ask on this sight if anyone has had them done in London and how much ect. I feel so much closer to her now I can see what she looks like. I wanna see your avatar Mel she sounds so cute. xx
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