Annoying adverts

Has anyone seen the advert for Pampers pull up pant things with the baby girl in the green dress that's far too short, toddling round the house, raiding her mum's wardrobe? Have you seen what the stupid mother lets her put in her mouth and chew on at the end? A flip flop!! A bloody flip flop that's been god knows where, what if she's trod in cat wee or rat poo or something grotty like that? :roll: What a great role model!

Maybe it's just sleep deprivation making me so narky today but don't get me started on that sodding washing powder advert with that Texas song where she nicks her husband's white shirt, puts a belt round it and flounces into a bar like she's god's gift? It's on all the time and it's sooo annoying!!!! :x

Anyone else seen any worse than those 2?


  • The 2 annoying people at the beginning of Corrie with their creme egg bars!! And yes that women who wears her hubbies shirt is extremely annoying!!
  • the halifax advert with that lass with the short hair singing "why dont you think" cant stand her the way she shakes her head when shes dancing and that picture the loan "dads found your scooter" aaarrrggghhh i hate her voice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • the halifax advert with that lass with the short hair singing "why dont you think" cant stand her the way she shakes her head when shes dancing and that picture the loan "dads found your scooter" aaarrrggghhh i hate her voice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • aaaaaargh! don't! i'd forgotten about that one. If i found the scooter i'd wrap it round his bleeding neck!!
  • That air freshener add where the kid does a poo and calls for his mum to get the refil for the air freshner... Gross! I dont want to see people on the loo doing a smelly poo on the tv thanks very much!!!!
  • hi loopylass. great to have you back on board. hope you are all doing ok.
    i REALLY hate that picture loan advert. the one where the mum is walking around drinking a cup of tea and talking on the phone. "oh josh dads found your scooter" sooooo annoying. so fake. really gets up my nose.
  • Or that smug git who's on the phone to some loan company whitttering on about football while his missis films him on a camcorder?? What's all that about?????
  • Yeah where the kid goes "it's all gone, it's all gone!" Has it really? Tough.
  • I hate that advert for Dentyl Ph mouthwash what that filthy cow spits in the sink in front of her husband and then leaves it there without rinsing it out! Thats just plain nasty! Oh, and the Frosties ads, they annoy me too.
  • They're gonna taste great......they're gonna taste great......!!!BANG!!! oops i just shot tony the tiger, shame.
  • Ohhh and I actually hate that Skoda Fabia made out of a cake advert.....I loved it at first. It made me dribble. But now it pisses me off cos it just reminds me that I haven't got any cake!!!!
  • Lol, i've only seen that once so it hasn't annoyed me yet, but thatns for sorting out that stupid tiger for me! Ooh, I went to a birthday BBQ at my mates on Friday and someone there was wearing a great t-shirt that said "Stab your friends" on it! I thought of you and Clairefanny!! (Not that I want to stab you or anything, just that you might like it)!
  • Awwww how sweet of you to think of me and Claire and stabbing in the same sentence!! You've made my day x
  • I hate the Clover ad where they are all crying - but I think i've realised what is so upsetting. the fact they are eating clover and they thought it was Lurpak. Twats
  • What the eff is the opticians advert all about 'We'll treat you like a person and not a sausage'

  • There is a radio advert that I hate on our local radio station. The ones for Ocado deliveries, I alwasys switch the radio off when that one comes on!! Ben won't let me order from them any more because of the adverts!
  • I hate the advert with the woman with lego hair when she falls over in reception and claims half a million or whatever it is. I'd put my foot on her to stop her getting up. You'd think with all that compensation she'd get her hair sorted, it's shocking
  • Hahaha, i've just been humming the stupid Ocado song and now everyone in the office has got it stuck in their heads!! I'm gonna do stuff like that on my last day!!
  • I can't stand that Skoda advert cos I find myself asking the same questions when it comes ok!

    i) Are they making that cake for real?

    ii) Do you think they eat it afterwards?

    iii) Do they know how many starving people in the world that would benefit from that amount of cake?

    SORRY, rant over LOL

  • I had this guy knock on my door once selling double glazing and I asked him which company he worked for. He said it was Safestyle UK and I went mental saying how shit the adverts were and although I was thinking about a conservatory I would never buy from their company on the strength of those adverts.

    I think he wished he'd never asked.

    I didn't stab him Katy.
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