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Caught daughter sexting again

Caught my daughter sexting again. The first time i caught her doing this i took her laptop and phone away fo 30 days. Before i gave her stuff back to her, i told her that if she didn't stop doing things like that on her devices, i told her that i would throw them into the recycle. Well, she went at it again, I'm so upset and tired of her sneaking around on her devices, sexting and whatever else. I have the phone and computer in my possession now. After going through them, i was amazed at some of the things i found. Im so ready to take them out to the garage and do a little dance on them.


  • What age is ur daughter?

    matve talk to her about why she's doing this?

    The affects if the info she's sendibg gets in2 the hands of someone else.

  • if All else fails you could try to scare tactic... for example how does she know that the person she’s sending these pictures to is keeping it to themselves & not sharing them around? She may care a lot for this person at the moment but what about if they break up in the future & he or she still has those pictures? Also, technically, if she is sending risque pics then legally speaking this is classed as distributing child pornography. If she is sending pics & talking to someone online that she hasn’t even met then that’s even more concerning... talk to her about how dangerous People can pose as young people in order to trap them. There’s some pretty hard hitting videos made by police forces about this particular subject which might be useful. I’ll see if I can find the link to the one I’m thinking of

  • Please watch it yourself first to see whether you think it would be ok to show your daughter though... it’s a pretty hard hitting video

  • I think it would be better to just destroy the devices, thats the best scare tactic i know of.

  • Scare tatic could definitely work, she never knows who is going to end up seeing these messages and it would be mortifying for her if they went around her school. 

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