ice cream

I was eating tones of the stuff so I hope it's ok. Hubby has just suggested mini eggs with ice cream. He thinks it sounds vile, but I'm really liking the idea :lol:


  • that sounds well nice. i'm eatting a skinny cow smoothies ice cream and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it is nice
  • Hi, normal ice cream is fine, but they say to avoid the soft stuff from ice cream vans, and mini eggs sound awesome!!!!xx
  • Oh wow!! image Ice cream with mini eggs sounds gorgeous! Will have to add that to my ridiculous shopping list for OH, he will be thrilled!! ;\)
  • Yep, icecream good, mini eggs good, OH shopping even better!!
  • omg, hope its ok i had a banana milkshake the other day never thought about it ooopps!!!!!
  • I think its the home made ice creams you are supposed to avoid as they could contain raw eggs. Mcdonalds will be fine so carry on eating!!
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