Recommend a good book?

Hi, Can anyone recommend a really good pregnancy book that covers pregnancy week by week, has lots of practical information about changes etc. Currently have the Miriam Stoppard book, but would like something less 'medical'. I have looked on Amazon but as you can't see inside all of the book its a bit tricky to pick one. I am in the early stages so would like a book to cover all aspects from beginning to end. Grateful for any suggestions.:\)


  • hello lilypingu - I'd recommend The Dorsling Kindersley pregnancy questions and answers. Its really good. You can get it from Hope this helps xxx
  • Hi
    I was recommended "What to Expect When You're Expecting" by Arlene Eisenberg, Heidi E. Murkoff, and Sandee E. Hathaway. Its excellent, very simple and has all the info I need. I also bought "What to Expect: Eating Well When You're Expecting by Heidi E. Murkoff and Sharon Mazel and apparently there is a good one in the same series for the 1st year with the baby. My whole 18 weeks so far has been checked by books and internet, I am a bit of a nightmare but I can recommend those. I too have the Mirian Stoppard books.
    Happy pregnancy
  • Hi

    Ive got the 'Your pregnancy week by week' by Lesley Regan its really good, its full of information Ive found it to be really helpful. Not sure where its from as my sister bought it for me when I found out I was pregnant, im sure you should be able to find it on or any good bookstore.

    Vicki xx
  • I had Pregnancy for simple to read and you could read a few chapters at a time xxx
  • Try the cheap bookshops. I got a great book with the week by week stuff in it from bookworld for about ??3.99 saved loads off the RRP
  • I got 'your pregnancy bible' by Anne Deans. It has a week by week guide to baby's development and a week by week guide to changes to your body. It's currently ??7.79 on Amazon. I think it's really good and has a five star rating on Amazon.
  • What to Expect When you're Expecting is great!
  • Hi all, thanks for your suggestions- have ordered what to expect when expecting and pregnancy week by week. These should keep me going for a while!
  • why buy until you have tried!!? get down to your local library with all the titles recomended above and ask them to get them in for you if they haven't alredy got them .when you find one you like then go out and buy it.
  • Kaz Cookes - a rough guide to pregnancy is really funny, informative and light hearted.
  • I love Kaz Cooke's book. I have just bought "The Rough Guide to Babies" by Miranda Levy which is published by the same house. Both books are great, even hubby has started to read the Baby book!
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