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WHAT ARE YOUR HURDLES? Why cant i lose my weight :(

Hi ladies,
My bubba is almost 10 months...
Im just wondering if it is just me or is it really difficult to get back in to shape??? for me its ENERGY, i'm so tired! (need to start juicing)

What are the biggest hurdles for you all??? time, energy, depression?


  • After my son was born I joined slimming world and lost a stone which is what I wanted to loose maybe join them they’re really good and supportive 

  • I have no advice im afraid but im the same. LO is only 5 months but i feel really crappy most days! Wasnt like this with my 1st. Following the thread and hoping for some advice too x

  • Janebrown26 have you thought about joking some baby/toddler groups inused to stay in doors all the time then went to a baby group and met other mums and became really good friends with one mummy and she’s now my sons god mother xx

  • Hiya i done all the baby groups with my 1st born and she didn't enjoy them this young. And im constantly busy with other things tbh i have appt after appt my 1st born is only in nursery 3 days a week atm so i spend them day food shopping, cleaning and the rest of the thing we mummys do. I wake at 6/7 and dont sit till 10pm most days so lost as to y im not able to budge my belly. I am due a docs appt for blood pressure so may ask for full bloods to see if im lacking in anything as i feel bad alot and find my self stopping what im doing and holding on to anything because i feel so light and off balance 😣 

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