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School shoes £3 do you spend much ??,


my 11 year old son has resently started a new high school.
His old school had a strict blazer and tie uniform but his new school has a jumper and polo shirt style uniform which is a lot better in my opinion. Plus his new school reccomends plain black lace up pumps as a cheap alternative to proper schoool shoes. So my son wears plain black lace up pumps from primark as school shoes which cost £3

How much do you spend on school shoes ???


  • Does no one reply ?? 

  • I have two daughters and spent £60 on the eldest who is 9 and £40 on the youngest who is nearly 5. We bought lelli kelly shoes as one of my girls has the most narrow feet and these were the only ones she liked, that fit. My youngest has Start Rite.   

  • my girl goes thru shoes like nobodys business so i dont get expensive shoes 

  • I only have one daughter at school so far, I paid £50 for Lelli Kelly. She can be terrible on shoes and these have lasted the full year in great condition. So I will be buying them again this year. x

  • I spend more than 30 £ for school shoes and usually  buy new pair when previous one get  small, shoes last, are comfortable, looks well too and usually are comfortable in hot weather too. I tried to buy cheaper shoes but unfortunately awful stinky smell in warm weather, very uncomfy and my son didn't enjoyed.

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