Obedient Wife

Anyone else watching those freaks on channel 5. Obedient wife my arse.


  • I remember the episode of wifeswap and there was that lady on it who called herself a mindful wife. I am sure that was a bedroom fetish they were living out
  • i remember that one, she was freaky she even dyed her hair because her 'new' husband preferred brunettes - bloody muppet
  • did she? I don't remember that bit but I thought her husband a wierdo too. I felt sorry for the liittle boy in it!
  • cant bear to watch it want to slap them!!! get a grip for god sake we are all equal!! and my hubby knows how i like my bacon in the morning and how many candles to light when he runs my bubble bath of a night lol
  • I do everythingmy husband says and asks.... But thats because in our religion you should obery your husband and Iv grown with it, mym does, my sisters, aunties, counsins etc... However, my hubby does often iron his own clothing and things and does make me tea at night...... Amirah xo
  • Cripes this obedience malarkey is not for me! I believe in equality and thats pretty much how me and OH live. Mind you, if he obeyed ME more, I'm sure we'd get along better haha.
  • Sod that...if my oh asked me to obey him i would slap him and say i misheard!
  • Yes but your religion also says that you should be respected, doesn't it? I am not watching the program but the little boy in the wife swap episode had to be ignored when his dad came in so that the couple could have time together. Can't that wait till after he is in bed.
  • Remind me - whats an iron?
  • An iron is something you throw at your OHs head when he's being an arse or for any other reason that you see fit
  • Oh - I remember now so its a bit like a knife, or a boot, or a breeze block. Thanks for reminding me, I'll have to buy a new one, cos the last one got smashed to pieces a while ago.
  • My husband irons my clothes just now! That means my trousers if they are creased. I love it!! (most of my clothes don't need ironing)
  • I used to hate when Pete worked in an office, that meant I had to iron 5 shirts a week. Jeepers I dont' know how i managed. Now hes a scruffy bastard and wears overalls for work so they've got no chance.
  • feel quite sorry for the hubbies though as thet are storing up years of frustration in their wives and as we all know the wicked hormones get us sooner and later and those wives will be spectacular when they finally blow a gasket !!!
  • My hubby is a doctor... So I am ironing shirts and trousers everyday... I get happy when he does it sometimes.... Amirah xo
  • Yeah - but i'd love to watch that happen. And they were asking for it. I hope channel 5 do another programme on them when the shit hits the fan.
  • would definately watch that ! do you think they would do it jerry springer style and we could get front row seats and no bleeps for the swears lol
  • I did not watch the programme but obedience comes at a price! The Christian Bible talks about wives obedience to husbands BUT the men need to love their wives IN THE SAME WAY that Jesus loved the people of the world and died for them...that is a tall order and many men don't realise that they have a huge responsibility to their wives... I think that if men are loving and thoughtful of their wives and families then there is no problem with obedience - it is not about robbing a woman's individuality. There are a lot of men that have no idea what it means and think it is about "Do what I bloody well say or else!" they have seriously lost the plot! There is nothing wrong with a woman asking if she looks ok in her clothes, but there is no place for a man to pick his wife's clothes for her - that is control and even manipulation and has no place in a proper marriage! but then - does a perfect marriage exist anywhere? Of course! just look at mine! NOT!!
  • me and my oh watched this he throught they were just slaves the bloke that worked in a garage and as a doorman now she just cared that her hubby had no tea but the sciotish lady was off her nut!!! it was mad to think that these woman throught that if they ran around after there hubbys then they would have a perfect husband!!!!!!!! and marriage it was a load of s~~t if you ask me. im lucky my oh throught it was daft to.
  • I didnt watch it coz i cant hack the pace now my babys arrived and have to be in bed by 9 or i cant function the next day. mind you he doesnt sleep anyway so i may as well be up. as for being an obedient wife i obey everything my hubby says NOT!!!!!!!!!!! why should i ive got a mind of my own any way weve been together for 16 years so we must be doing something right. either that or im just very tolerant ha ha.
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