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I'm on Nexplanon and having all these side effects, or is it something else?

I need more opinions. I am on Nexplanon just a heads up. I’ve read about ALOT more women getting pregnant on this than I ever would have thought. I’ve had this twice now and I am coming to hate it this second time around. June 13th I started feeling dull cramping June 15th I lost my appetite which is soooo not like me I usually eat anything in sight. I had no appetite for about a week I went to the doctor negative urine test. They did not take blood they did an X-ray said it was not a digestive thing. i started getting my appetite back shortly now July 7th I’ve been spotting for two days very very light and not all day. I have not had a period in a year of having this bc and I am not due to take it out for another year and a half. Inbetween then and now I have continued having off an on full cramps very very full some discomfort on my left side but it moves. the other night I came home from dinner and opened the fridge instantly threw up after getting a whiff of something sour. Also I’ve been waking up with sore joints but maybe that’s the way I’m sleeping but I haven’t been doing anything differently. Breast tenderness, and fatigue oh and let’s not forget moodiness! As well as some bloating. when I went to the doctor about A month ago one of my coworkers said she could feel where I was hurting with her energy so she did so and pointed out the left side of my ovaries was swollen a little she thought cyst but the doctor pressed all over my stomach and it did not hurt. What do you think? 


  • Also I forgot to mention I’ve been feeling weird pulsating in the left side of my stomach for the past like two days now. On and off. 

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