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Why is it that supermarkets never have enough parent and child spaces and they are never checked for proper usage. I have many times had to struggle getting my baby out of the car and in some cases have gone to use a different supermarket. If I were to use a disable space my car registration details would be passed over the tanoy system and I would be shamed into moving it (not that I would ever use one of these spaces) I just wish that they had a similar system in place for the people who misuse the parent and child spaces.
Supermarket trolleys also annoy me, the ones designed to fit your car seat in so that you can shop without waking your baby mean that you can't see the front of your trolley and end up pushing it into people who never move out of the way then tut when you have to push through. These trolleys don't have any brakes on like the normal shopping trolleys which means that your child could go sailing down the car park while you are trying to open doors and the supermarkets always seem to put the parent and child parking spaces furthest away from the trolley bays which means you have to leave your child alone in the car.
I guess I didn't realise how baby/todler unfriendly these places were until I had my son!:x


  • My husband works for Tesco and at his branch they do try to keep a check on the m&b spaces. Our baby isn't due till 30th Apr and we already have our m&b permit ready for when 'button' arrives (got it through tesco baby club). A notice gets stuck on the windscreen of cars with no permit or obvious signs that there are children, easier now with the new car seat laws. but they have so many other things to do that they cannot do it all the time.
  • have you gone to car parking topic you will see your not alone lol
  • Will have a look thx
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