which celeb mum do you most admire?

cant belive jordans top isnt the whole reason her sons so ill because she was drinkin smokin and partying the whole time she was pregnant!! i remember the pics of her and her bump fallin out of taxis drunk! :\?


  • I don't admire any of them. There are plenty of other celebrity Mums to admire.
  • I personally admire us everyday people that are mums, that hold down a proper job, do our own housework and bring up our own kids lol
  • None of em! Madonna is just a weirdo who won't even let her kids watch tv, Gwynnie is just wrong in the head for calling her poor kid Apple, Jordan is an overinflated bimbo who is gonna have to endure her son's mates ogling pictures of her with her norks and god knows what else out when they're older and that Kerry is a cocaine shovelling, tit slinging trailer park trash reject.

    Personally I'd just rather be me image
  • Celeb mums are loaded, have no worries about childcare and the cost of it. They have the best of both worlds - a nannie to do the getting up at night, but the fun bits during the day! Don't get me wrong i'd like the money of a celeb mum but i love my job and wouldn't change me or my baby for the world - even when i'm getting up at 3am!!!
    Us normal mums rock!
  • most of them have nannys & tummy tucks when they have c-section so they do nothing at all
  • its official, jordan has been voted best celebrity mum of the year with fern britton coming in second. why do celebs get awards for being parents? it makes it seem like they need some sort of incentive to be a good mum...their children should be enough!
  • I most admire my sister...she's not a celeb....but I think at 19, having a 2 year old and almost due with her 2nd anytime soon is a lot to admire image
  • I most admire my mum, she was 22 and already had me and my brother I was 3 he was 18mnths when my dad killed himself, she pulled it together and did her best for us but unfortunately married an absolute bastard who beat her up but she ended up wanting it to work and have my 3 sisters. She finally found the courage to leave him and get on with her life, not having a lot of money and he never helped. She then found love again, with someone we all liked and thought was a decent bloke and had my youngest sister whom is now 6 but it turned out he was acheating bastard. So not had much luck but lives for us all and I know its never been easy and she has her little moments but we love her. xxxx
  • Excellent post lollyloo. Celeb mums don't inspire me at all, it's the 'normal' run of the mill mums who make a difference every minute of every day. :\)
  • Lollylou even I want to buy your mum a bunch of flowers for mothers day lol!

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