Gods amongst men

So we have established that I think Jeremy Clarkson is a god (see annoying celebraties thread), Claire Weston is voting for John Mcruick (sp?) but who gets everyone elses vote?


  • I totally love Max Beesley at the mo (Hotel Babylon) he just does funny things to me when I see him!
  • Rolf Harris. He is sooooo cool! "Heheheh, can you tell what it is yet?" Nuff said!
  • WENTWORTH MILLER!!!!!! From Prison Break. And his brother, they are so gorgeous and it's on in an hour, droooooooooool!!!!!!
  • Hugh Laurie in House (and only in House) - I know its wierd but I really fancy Dr House!
  • Kevin McCloud from grand designs, I know - but please don't be nasty to me cos my jelly wouldn't set. Hang on, are these people we would shag or just like?
  • Not sure but I would also add Kevin McCLoud to my list as well - and Phil from Location, Location, Location.
  • Just like!! Do you really think I would shag Jeremy Clarkson??? Richard Hammond maybe, or Colin Firth mmmmm.
  • Well I wondered. But then people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, and I had already put Kevin McCloud.
  • Well, I would't shag Rolf Harris, I just think he's cool. I would shag Cristian Bale or Hugh Jackman though. I watched a film with them both in the other day called The Prestige and it was so good!
  • Bah humbug, you've spoilt my Wentworth daydream now! Philip Schofield is a legend. So is Paddy Mc.Guiness. See, there I go again thinking of blokes I want to shag! Well, maybe not Philip!
  • I used to have a right crush on Philip Schofield when I was younger and he did CBBC from the broom closet!
  • I cant remember his name at the moment (baby brain) but the guy from Garden State and Scrubs. He's got a bit of a big nose thing going on but I fancy the arse of him!!
  • i agree about Paddy McGuinness. Love him. would definatley shag him.
  • Oooh, Mr-T, if only for the Snickers adverts! "Quit your jibber-jabber!" Classic! (so long as they don't over-play it). I really wish I had the guts to throw a Snickers at someones head now!
  • You could throw it at mine, but i'd swallow it
  • I hate the 118 118 ads but the mini Mr T was ace. "Crazy fools!!"
  • I am voting for David Tennant who, before I was pregnant I didn't take too much notice of but now, being hormonally driven, I watch Dr Who as an excuse to spend 45 mins daydreaming about ripping his clothes off!!!
  • Claire, quit your jibber-jabber! If I ever catch you actin' like a crazy fool again...!

    See, now I jujst want a tank of my very own too! How roomy are they? Do they have more boot space than your average estate?! Would I be able to strap the baby seat in?
  • A tank would be good cuz I ain't getting on no plane!
  • Hehehe, I love it when a plan comes together!

    Oh sod it, the whole A-team belong in here!
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